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Face on Mars
Face on Mars



Nov. 1998 - Sedona, Arizona
Could the alledged portal be just a myth, an icon of wanna-believers? As we drove I noticed a lot of various faces in the mountains. These mountains are strange and mysterious. I hope to one day go back and hike through them. Maybe discovering something to talk about at another time.

Real Men In Black Caught On Video
I recently received this image of the aledged Men In Black along with this email.

First email:

"videotaped these creeps no more than 100 feet from my house. p.s. I live in the country,the middle of no-where, But they still found me. Do you know of any other people with similar problems,and what is there purpose......"

(edited out)

2nd email:

"You seem to be the only one with the courage to write back. Congradulations. and be careful...

Much can be learned from watching this video in slow-motion, the boots that these men are wearing look military in style,and pay close attention to the 10 seconds of the film and tell me what you think it is that the last 2 men to enter the van pull out of there trench-coats,this part realy scared me...can you enhance some of the footage with your computer, 1 of the men has a triangular patch on his left arm,but you must play the tape in slow motion to catch this. Where I filmed these guys is beside my house in the country.50 feet away from my house is a memorial head-stone(a tribute to the pioneers in the area)nobody has ever visited this plaque in my life-time of living here, I realy do think the camera they had taking picture of the plaque was a decoy,because the other men seemed awfully interested in my house.Do you know if they have cameras that take pictures from the side of the camera,that would eliminate the problem of having to look at your subject,because this head-stone is so boring to look at and the distance he was from it would not have given him a clear picture of the letters on the head-stone,he made sure he stood back far enough to be beside where I live.This is no joke, I am not asking for publisity,or fame".

(edited out)

Demon in Cave
Demon In Cave -Middle East Region
Photo © Paul Schroeder 2001

Some time ago a friend of my wife's and a group of friends made a trip to historical sites in the Middle East. During the tour she had a chance to visit a cave on one of the hills around the holy city of Makkah. Inside, she was attracted by-she swears it was nothing but-a bright light perched on the cave's wall, and took a picture of it. When she returned home the rolls of film she used during the trip were developed. And she was surprised to see a picture of a creature she never saw before in her life. She took the picture and showed it to her spiritual teacher. The Ustadzah explained that it was Satan in one of its forms, as was described by her teacher decades ago while she was still in school. Subhanallah! The waves of sheer hatred, intense telepathic bursts of raw hatred felt by me in the unseen presence of some of the harassing entities might well echo the demeanor of this clearly interdimentional creature; note the veination of the rock which bisects its waist, like a belt; it is transparent. Again, I am convinced that since a hateful bottom spectrum of the unseen universe exists-I, too, have been grabbed and shaken by demons, large, black and strong as a bull-that a goodness, top-spectrum of the unseen spirit world MUST exist; I have been snuck into faith by the rear door. The last sentence of the letter accompanying this pix was; MAY ALLAH PROTECT US ALL FROM DEVILS


Demon in Cave a Fake

Demon In Cave a Fake.
Photo © Yeni Safak

10 Years ago this photo was sent to me with a compelling story (above). I have just received an interesting website that has proven the photo is a fake. Oh well, just goes to show you ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!


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