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Chris FlemingAs early as he can remember (4-5 years old), Chris Fleming was prone to experiencing extraordinary encounters in the form of ghosts and unexplained phenomena. From dark shadow forms coming out of closets and dark corners in the house to glowing ghosts that would manifest above grade school friends that would sleep over. One thing was for sure Chris was not experiencing these things alone. As his childhood experiences increased Chris began to study (with great fear and hesitation in the beginning) the ghosts as they would move around the house and in some cases interactive with him. He realized their use of thought and how they could hear our thoughts (telepathy) and move from one side of the room almost instantly. Their placement and form was controlled by whatever they thought and wherever they wanted to be in the room or house. His fears or curious thoughts were never hidden from them.

Over a period of time he was in contact with a spirit named Henry that would warn him about other ghosts and entities as well as tell him things about the universe and people he knew. One in particular when asked if there was any life on planets in our solar system, the response was on "Europa" and when asked what type of life, "Plant and bacteria." For years Chris conversed with Henry on the Ouija board from 1975-1979 before Henry moved on. It wasn't until the late 1990's that Chris overheard on CNN that scientists may now believe there is life on Europa, one of the moons on Jupiter.

Over time It wasn't just ghosts that Chris saw but also other entities that he is still trying to comprehend today. While seeing angels, lights, and feeling divine presences on a few remarkable and life saving personal occasions. Chris at a young age began to see and feel that the world as we know it is really beyond our current understanding and knowledge in study or science. There is so much more that we cant see or feel. From using reel to reel players at age 7 to flashlights and and light bulb experiments Chris like a childhood "medium" would try and contact the spirits of the house to give him signs and respond through various means. On some occasions for adult witness's. Whatever the case Chris wanted proof to show people he had ghosts in his house over and over again all this at the young age of 7.

It wasn't just Ghosts that plagued him but also the understanding and dealings with dreams that came true, conscious premonitions, high intuitions and empathetic feelings towards animals and people. It became overbearing and emotional for a child to see what was really going on in peoples hearts and minds as well as futures. From saving his sisters life from a dream of her drowning and preventing it when it happened to seeing relationships unfold before they occurred. Whatever the case it affected his life as well as others and still does to this day.

Is it a sixth sense or is it a high intuition? Whatever todays society likes to call it, Chris feels he is very "Sensitive" to these things and has decided to use that word to describe his sensitivities to energy fields, human and non-human presences we cant see with our own eyes, place memory, peoples emotions whether living or dead, sense of danger or destruction, and in many cases peoples paths and lives past, present, and if allowed future.

But what about Chris's past, present, and future?

Chris was Born in 1967, the son of Patricia Fleming and Blackhawks Hockey star Reggie Fleming. Though he traveled extensively with his parents and sister during his father's active years, Chris spent the majority of his childhood in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. He attended Beloit College, located on the Wisconsin/Illinois border, where he majored in fine arts with a minor in psychology and also in music. Following his graduation from college, Chris worked as a graphic designer for a major newspaper and for the number one direct mail company in the U.S.

After years of listening to other people talk about their own amazing experiences, Chris chose to use his design experience to document these stories in his publication called Unknown Magazine: Real Experiences of Unusual Phenomena, which ran from spring of 1997 to early 2001. As publisher, art director, and editor, Chris set out to create a magazine forum that allowed people across the globe to share their first-hand encounters in one packaged medium. Since the creation of Unknown Magazine, Chris has met countless people from all walks of life that have allowed him to be privy to some incredible and rarely-discussed information about the world around us, both seen and unseen.

Chris eventually decided to focus his efforts on a medium more powerful than print: the Internet. He took Unknown Magazine out of publication and focused his efforts on UnknownMagazine.com, where he felt he was able to reach more people by having a forum that they could easily access to share and discuss their experiences, questions, and findings.

For the past decade Chris has gone out on the road to meet people face to face. He works today as a professional speaker lecturing on his personal experiences to colleges across the country and appearing on numerous radio and TV talk shows all around the world, discussing ghosts and supernatural activity. For three years, Chris was the co-host of the popular TV show Dead Famous, where he joined his co-host Gail Porter in searching for celebrity ghosts across the United States, not only at grave sites, but also in some of the most reportedly haunted locations in the U.S. The show was and still is broadcast in over fifteen countries, including the Bravo network in Canada, Living TV in the UK, and The Biography Channel in the U.S. With three seasons of 26 episodes, two "Return" specials and Three Live Episodes, Chris has captured thousands of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), unexplainable photos, and video footage that he believes can prove the existence of ghosts.

After Dead Famous, Chris made a guest appearance on Sci-Fi's Ghost hunters during the Manson Murders episode that sparked a lot of controversy with the introduction of the K-II and Chris's method of communicating with the present intelligent energy. But when the dust settled and it was taken more seriously it became a pivotal point and a paradigm shift in the way investigating is done with EMF devices and electronic equipment. Allowing the ghost or spirit energy present to affect and manipulate the device as a form of morse code communication with YES or NO light up responses to direct temperature drops on the devices degree readings. The fact remains that responses are occurring and with startling results such as EVPs, photos, videos, and personal experiences have been documented to go along with the responses. This new form of communication called "The Direct Response Method" has opened up doors for engineers, scientists, and laymen to create the next generation of devices to allow this intelligent form of energy to communicate and respond through.

For over a year Chris has been putting together a non profit organization called "Paratrac" that will be launching soon to showcase and join engineers, scientists, paranormal investigators, and enthusiasts the opportunity to share and discuss their findings, research, and tools and devices that are being used to communicate with the afterlife. Stay tuned at www.paratracglobal.org.

Chris continues to collaborate with various ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, studying the unknown and researching new forms of communications with the other side. Whenever able, Chris lends his ear and gives peace of mind to those who have had their own traumatic paranormal experiences. Whether through compassionate discussions or sensitive and awareness readings, Chris does his best to assist the individual in question in understanding his or her current situation or purpose of why he or she is here.

Chris also co-created the pilot/show "Lost Souls" that he has recently put on hiatus until he completes a new TV show he has been hired to host. Chris believes this new show will change the way people think about the afterlife for ever more. More information to follow soon!

Chris is currently broadcasting his own podcast show titled Spirit Talk, and has recently begun writing one of many books he hopes to publish on his own personal paranormal experiences and insights into the other side. He hopes his experiences will help people understand who we are and why we are here.

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