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Alien Photo Goes Unnoticed

Actual Photo of a Grey & Another Entity

There's An Alien In Them There Photo!


Alien Photo

I was shown a book from a friend, Sue Murawski about anomalies that have shown up on film/pictures taken at Bradshaw ranch in Sedona, Arizona. The book is called "Merging Dimensions: The Opening Portals of Sedona" by Tom Dongo and Linda Bradshaw.

MergingNote: Bradshaw Ranch has been confronted by the US government for purchase. They have tried to take it away from them. Mainly because of all the activity and UFOs seen in the area.

While looking through the book there was some interesting photos of portals, weird images, and some images I became very skeptical about. Namely the mysterious man photos.

There is one image that stood out. As I paged through the book. I noticed a page shown to depict lights. Strange bars and sheets of light that the author was calling portals. While my eye scanned through the photos I noticed one photo that made my heart skip. At the bottom of page140 was one of three photos. The last one had a bar of light in the middle. Now that didn't catch my eye. What did, was the fact that there was a glare to the right of it. Within seconds of wondering what would cause the glare the image revealed it self as a head shaped "Grey."

Here was a Grey coming out of the darkness being illuminated by this bar of light. I believe it was walking towards the light to stand underneath the light. It would then be scanned and transported through a portal to wherever it planned to go.

I definitely believe this is an actual alien photo. It was not discussed by the authors at all in the book. You think something as significant as this would be toted in the book as an actual alien photo!! I think they may have over looked this image.

If you look closely you will see it's head. The glare is in it's large black almond shaped eye. You can see the tight features of it's chin and cheekbone. Very bony looking. The rightside of the face (It's left side) blends into the darkness. Since the floating bar of light is the only light source, it makes sense that there would be a glow in the eye and a slight illumination of it's face.

Alien Close Up

As you can see on photo B. The face is outlined to show what I am talking about. Notice the directions of the arrows as the light reflects in the greys eye. This is a common refraction of light that can be seen even in humans eyes. Have a friend or partner look towards a light source. Look in their eyes and you will see the reflection of the light source.

full investigation of the photo and negative is needed to confirm that this is an actual "Grey." From what I see here, I believe it truly is. I would love to have the original negative in my hands to enlarge some prints and see if I could bring out the image more clearly. There are a couple other prints of this light also. I would like to see if other prints show this alien "Grey" walking towards the light.

I have left messages with Tom Dongo and during my travel to Arizona was hoping to meet with him. He was unaware of this image in the photo and was interested in meeting with me and having me point it out to him.

Unfortunately he is very hard to get ahold of and hadn't bothered to return anymore of my phone calls. Through some diligent research I left messages with other Bradshaw members, but no one has returned my calls.

This is so important to the proof of alien "Greys" that I will leave this image up and reference to the book until someone either contacts me otherwise! I welcome the opportunity to speak with Linda Bradshaw and even visit the Bradshaw ranch whenever possible. Please note that all copyrights of these photos belong to Linda Bradshaw and Tom Dongo and this information is being used solely for research and release of information valuable to the UFO community, it's investigators, and those willing to listen. No monetary value is being made because of this information on our site. It is strictly a sharing of findings and information.

If anyone has any further information they wish to share with me please do!


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